Workshop on Stop Slaughter Cruelty

Sunday 19th January 2020
1 PM

Event Type: Workshop

Duration: 2:00:00

FIAPO(Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations) wants to launch its's #StopSlaughterCruelty camapaign in Hyderabad. For this, we want to conduct a workshop on the slaughter cruelty scenario of India and devise strategies to fight against it, together with the local animal activists and volunteers of Hyderabad.

Organiser: Pallavi Rekhi

About Organiser: FIAPO is India’s apex animal rights organisation. As the collective voice of the animal rights movement in India, FIAPO is the catalyst that protects the rights and interests of animals at local and national levels. It is India’s only federation with more than 120 members and 200 supporter organisations, nationally.Thousands of animals are slaughtered illegally every day in India, at places of unchecked cruelty, ranging from roadside shacks to air-conditioned establishments. Animals brought here, are confined, subject to injury and disease and crammed without food or water. Furthermore, they are illegally slaughtered and sold at establishments that do not even have licenses to operate.
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