Utkarsha Yoga (Open to all children between 8-13 years)

Saturday 18th April 2020
7:30 AM

Event Type: Workshop

Duration: 3:00:00

Meditation and breathing techniques; Simple tenets for daily life; Techniques for overcoming fear and anxiety; Yoga; Memory Games; The children are also introduced to spirituality and Indian heritage.

Organiser: Shuchi

About Organiser: A child with the skill to manage their negative emotions can deal with future life challenges with resilience and ease. Utkarsha Yoga offers simple breathing techniques and tenets of wisdom that help children overcome fear, anxiety, anger, and etc. With a calm and happy mind, children are able to focus better and stay confident. The program also equips children with skills like teamwork and creative problem-solving.Delivered in a fun and engaging way, the program promises your child will return home with a big smile and a ‘yes’ mind.
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Phone no: 7799803330