Tree Huggers Carnival

Sunday 22nd December 2019
12 PM

Event Type: Exhibition

Duration: 10:00:00

A festival, a fair, a jamboree, a big hug to all art, artists, and art believers: it is The TREE HUGGERS CARNIVAL Your most beloved artist community from Hyderabad the Tree Huggers Club invites you all for a celebration of ART in ALL its DIMENSIONS! The carnival is our biggest labour of love for art in the city. We bring inspiration, technical wisdom and pure happiness to all the art enthusiasts, shared with you by some of the biggest homegrown artists spanning a variety of genres, styles and perspectives. Road to Tree Huggers’ Carnival will be a series of art-heavy events over a period of four weeks in November-December leading up to our favourite celebration of the year, a one-stop art extravaganza on 22nd December, 2019 - The Carnival! We invite you to be a part of this unique initiative, and join us at Phoenix Arena - An Art & Cultural Centre to celebrate Art.

Organiser: Tree Huggers Club

About Organiser: THC is a community for entrepreneurs who chase their passion being brave and for those who start companies on talent and skill.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 8886016603