Tickets (2005) - (Movie Screening) - Cinephiles Film Club - FREE Event

Friday 02nd March 2018
7:30 PM

Event Type: Movies

Duration: 3:00:00

Synopsys : A train travels across Italy toward Rome. On board is a professor who daydreams a conversation with a love that never was, a family of Albanian refugees who switch trains and steal a ticket, three brash Scottish soccer fans en route to a match, and a complaining widow traveling to a memorial service for her late husband who's accompanied by a community-service volunteer who's assisting her. Interactions among these Europeans turn on class and nationalism, courtesy and rudeness, and opportunities for kindness. Please feel free to invite any guests along (you can use the "Facebook Invite" option on this event page to invite your friends) Its a FREE event :) Plan for the event: 1. Introduction to the film (10 minutes) 2. Screening @7:40 pm sharp (Runtime: 128 mins) 3. Post-screening discussion (15 minutes) LOCATION ADDRESS: Bang opposite TCS take the lane between Lemon Tree Hotel and the Petrol Bunk. Going straight into the lane the street takes a natural right. 10 meters after the natural right to your left is Phoenix Arena (it is in the park opposite to HSBC building) If you are having trouble finding the place feel free to contact Talha (7893656789). Disclaimer - Movie screening for educational purposes only

Organiser: Sathyan Sadagopan

About Organiser: Are you a movie buff who is unable to find the right platform to watch great movies with like-minded film aficionados? Well, you have come to the right place. Step right in! Follow us on email - [email protected]
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