The Pankh Festival 2020 - Wings of freedom -(NGO fundrising meet)

Sunday 05th January 2020
3 PM

Event Type: MeetUp

Duration: 5:00:00

Twinkle Foundation is the NGO working on India's largest youth movement against child trafficking and child exploitation. The team undergoes several life threatening rescue operations and saves the children and youngsters from the clutches of Human and organ trafficking. Twinkle Foundation has saved hundreds of children & girls and provided rehabilitation to more than 15000 children across India promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The rescued children survivors don't have a specific Date of birth and that is the only reason when The Pankh Festival is celebrated as a birth anniversary of these little souls wherein the event undergoes several engagement activities like awards ceremony, dance, drama, musical band, game zone, food festival etc. This year Twinkle Foundation is building a bridge of emotions and love between the children of orphanages and parents of old age homes on January 5th 2020 with an open crowd of citizens who can also be a part of this wonderful day.

Organiser: Yash S Gourkhede

About Organiser: Yash Gourkhede is the Founder & National President of Twinkle Foundation.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 9022134161