Talks on Redis, Speech Driven Lipsync, Data Centers

Saturday 18th May 2019
10 AM

Event Type: MeetUp

Duration: 3:00:00

1) Introduction to Redis -- Overview -- Features -- Use cases -- Demo Examples (with Python and Spring Boot) Speaker: Mahboob Hussain Has 28 years of work experience. Co-founder of Hyderabad Software Architects. Takes delight in being a programmer, writer and manager. LinkedIn Profile: 2) Web-based Live Speech Driven Lipsync Virtual characters(VR) are integral part of many games and virtual world. The ability to accurately synchronize lip movement to audio speech is an important aspect in the believability of the character. This discussion will deal about simple rule based lipsync algorithm for virtual characters using web browser. It works in real time with live input (speaker). Speaker: Gaurav Srivastava Gaurav is a highly qualified hands-on Digital Solution Architect with focus on Next Generation technologies like WebRTC, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Audio Speech Recognition, Deep Learning,IoT and building enterprise grade architecture. LinkedIn profile: 3) Topic: Data Centers -- Concept of data centers -- Types -- Operations Speaker: Ratnakar Sadasyula Ratnakar has 19 years of experience in Java/JEE based web technologies, developing, deploying and maintaining applications using open source softwares like Apache Web Server, Tomcat on Unix/Linux environments using distros like Ubuntu both on premise and cloud data centers. Also worked on frameworks like Struts, Spring, Hibernate with good knowledge and experience of Design Patterns.

Organiser: Mahboob Hussain

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