Talkathon - Women stories

Saturday 03rd March 2018
3:05 PM

Event Type: Discussion

Duration: 2:00:00

Winning circle is a platform where we harness the power of US through individual stories of grit and determination to drive inner transformation. We come together to share, to nurture, to evolve, to grow, and more importantly, to discover the extra in our ordinary. And trust us, none can remain untouched here! This is about you, me and us.... On the occasion of women's day, Winning circle invites ladies from all walks of life....professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, homebodies to come and share a part of their journey ...their story! You are the chief guest and the chief pour your heart out...let your light shine and brighten up the path of others like you. Are you ready? Then what are you waiting for...hop on, join the bandwagon... let's just begin! Registration: Please confirm your registration at [email protected]

Organiser: rekha Kapoor

About Organiser: I am a certified coach and psychometric assessor passionate about helping other woman in their personal and professional journey.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 9959897111