Talk on Leh-Ladakh Trip preparation

Sunday 02nd February 2020
10:30 AM

Event Type: Talk

Duration: 1:30:00

This session is an interactive session,NOT an expert talk,we will share our experiences and give you tips on preparing for ride/trip for Leh-Ladakh,so that you can plan in advance for the ride and get ready for it. Who Should attend: Any bikers or travellers who are going Leh-ladakh for the first time can join this session. What you can expect from the session: 1.How to prepare for the ride? 2.What is the right season to go to ladakh? 3.What should we carry? 4.which bike to take? 5.How much will the trip cost? 6.What precautions to be taken? 7.How many days it will take for the ride? and So onnnn, we should be able to answer all your questions with the best knowledge we have and once again let us remind you,this is friendly talk not a expert advice. What is the cost of the session?? It's freeeeee, Yesssss,you read it right,HNC believes in sharing the experiences and knowledge with fellow travellers,so we dont charge for the session Note:We are doing this for sheer brotherhood of bikers and travelers nothing more and nothing less.

Organiser: vikranth

About Organiser: About the Club: Hyderabad Nomads Club(HNC) is a community for bikers, back packers and travellers who are like minded to ride,travel, explore,eat local cuisine are believe in giving back to the community.We want HNC to be a platform for all kinds of travel freaks which insists every member to involve in every step of ride/travel planning. About the Organiser: I am an Avid rider and do solo and group rides.I did solo ride of south India on my bike and group ride from Hyd-Leh-Hyd.I like to meet new people,share experiences and taste local cuisines and love street food.
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