Strengthening Resilience Interactive

Sunday 18th November 2018
11 AM

Event Type: Discussion

Duration: 2:00:00

All of us face challenges at some point or the other in our lives. Some of us feel defeated by the stressors while others navigate through such difficulties and emerge out of them stronger. Resilience is the capacity that helps individuals to bounce back from challenges. A combination of factors helps individuals to become resilient. These include protective factors including internal strengths such as self-initiative and external factors such as family and friends. Hence, it is important to explore one’s protective factors to build and maintain resilience. This intervention is aimed at identifying protective factors and exploring resilience by setting short term goals and evaluating the consequent outcomes. Activities will be completed over a certain time period to achieve goals while overcoming challenges. Discussions will be conducted during group meetings, and if required at an individual level. By the end of the program, participants will be able to identify protective factors that will help them to positively adapt to challenges. Use of these protective factors will not only help to build resilience but also to maintain it. The program is customized according to individual requirements and the duration is flexible, that is, each participant can select the schedule according to their convenience. Also, the time invested in each activity every day is entirely up to the participants. This program will be conducted on every Sunday for four to five weeks as per participants’ requirement. Each session is expected to last for about two hours.

Organiser: Vignesh

About Organiser: We are the organisers of a meetup group in Hyderabad that caters to Mental Health Advocacy and organises weekly meetups for people of Hyderabad. Our link In this week, we want to organise the 3rd session of the program in workshop format titled "Strengthening Resilience" would help participants in exploring and building one's Resilience to overcome challenges which one faces in their life. New Participants are welcome to observe.
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