Story Tellers Industry Inauguration

Wednesday 25th December 2019
7 PM

Event Type: StoryTelling

Duration: 1:00:00

It Is A Story Telling Event Which We Inaugurate Our Start Up "Story Tellers Industry"#STI Which Belongs To Writers/Poets/Authors/Lyricist All Together As "Story Tellers". It Is The First "Single Craft Industry" Where A Story Teller Can't Depend Upon Other 23 Crafts To Present His Story To Audience. #CNC "Creative Narrating Club" Is It's First Production House 😊😊😊 These are the new ways introducing in our #STI to make our story more effective 1) Shadow Stories 2) Spot Narration 3) Property Theatrical 4) Reading Films 5) Live Movie Project

Organiser: Sai Teja Thumuluru

About Organiser: Writer| | Author | Blogger | Poet | Digital Story Teller | Entrepreneur | Singer | Curator | Educator I am the citizen of India & Netizen of social media
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 9052413778