Friday 12th July 2019
8 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 1:00:00

Skepticism is an original play written and directed by Amaan Ahmad. It contains psychological and philosophical content that features the elements of absurdism, surrealism and skepticism. The story revolves around a psychologically disturbed artist who is going through an existential crisis and wants to commit suicide. Several emotions surround him and each emotion tries to prove its power over the human mind. Meanwhile, Reality and Imagination are also around the artist. As the play progresses, the protagonist gets confused trying to choose between Reality and Imagination while Chaos and Insanity overpower all the other emotions and Insanity instigates the artist to die. The artist is in pain and is confused as the emotions have a philosophical debate. Reality points out logical reasoning, while Insanity, along with other strong emotions, argue about the actual meaning of life and its futility. Toward the end, Death emerges and kills all the emotions, with Hope being the last. Death sits on his throne after killing the artist, but Imagination and Reality are still there as Death cannot touch either of them. The play concludes with the artist lying down on the ground while Reality and Imagination walk off hand-in-hand, smirking at one another. To conclude, we don’t know weather the artist is alive or dead or whether that was the artist’s imagination or reality.

Organiser: The Unknown Pen

About Organiser: The Unknown Pen was created as a platform to promote original art and artists around the world. It was founded by Amaan Ahmad in 2009. The Unknown Pen also generates original content for various businesses all around the world.
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