Sakharam Binder - Play

Sunday 19th May 2019
8 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 1:30:00

Sakharam Binder tells the story of Sakharam’s women. They are the castoff wives- homeless and destitute - taken in by the protagonist as domestic servants and sex partners.Laxmi is shy, submissive and pious while Champa, her successor is brash, voluptuous and spoiled. One of Vijay Tendulkar's most controversial plays, this play vividly captures the strange and complex pathology of Sakharam, who while on one hand, wants to please his women, on the other hand, bullies them as well. He is, in one moment, a freethinking crusader for women’s rights and the very next moment sees him as a philistine- scornful of their devotion to him. He strongly believes in exploiting the corrupt system for his own gain but realizes too late the price of playing the game. Written by - Vijay Tendulkar Designed & Directed by - (NSD) Bhagyashree Tarke

Organiser: kissago Theatre

About Organiser: Kissago- The Storyteller, is an initiative that endeavours to make the self meets the 'Other Self' on a stage where, the group believes, the magic unfolds; a neutral territory where illusion meets reality and vice versa. Kissago was formed in September 2014 by some young theatre enthusiasts from varied fields. Since then the group has successfully staged more than 20 plays written by eminent writers at various spaces in Hyderabad to the much appreciation of its audiences. Some of the most successful plays were Dakghar, Kale Ghode Ki Naal Ki Angoothi, Jee Huzoor, Kamla, Ilhaam, Mandir Mein Hadtaal, The Park, Chuhal, Gagan Damama Bajyo to name a few.
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