Rhythms Of Kuchipudi Annual Day

Friday 07th December 2018
6 PM

Event Type: Dance

Duration: 2:00:00

Rhythms Of Kuchipudi Students perform Kuchipudi dance.

Organiser: Durgesh Nandini

About Organiser: Rhythms of Kuchipudi Believes Strongly in giving individual attention to every Students.We cater to the individual needs of the students by communicating with each student on their wave length and by focusing on each one's interest and aptitude.At Rhythms Of Kuchipudi we use state of the art technologies to reach out to the students across the globe. With the main objective of reviving and revitalizing the pride of Indians at large and Telugus in particular, in its pristine purity, Kuchipudi.
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Phone no: 9948393920