Rashoman - Play

Saturday 04th May 2019
6 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 4:00:00

Rashomon is a Japanese crime drama originally filmed by Akira Kurosawa in 1950 and now at present Oomph Dramatics and Acting Studio (ODAAS) presents Rashomon in an Indian set-up at Pheonix Arena – Hyderbad in its original, with both philosophical and psychological overtones. ODAAS stages Rashomon in the format of environmental theatre at it's actual required locations. The whole incident is discussed by a priest, a woodcutter and a thief who are taking refuge from a rainstorm in the shell of a former gatehouse called Rashomon. The priest and the woodcutter are recounting the story of a murdered a Zamindar named Shripat Rai whose body the woodcutter discovered three days earlier in a forest grove. Both were summoned to testify at the murder trial, the priest who saw Sripat Rai and his wife traveling through the forest just before the murder occurred. Three other people who testified at the trial are supposedly the only direct witnesses: a notorious thug named Taranath, who allegedly murdered the zamindar and raped his wife; the white veil cloaked wife of the zamindar; and the zamindar himself who testifies through the use of a medium. The three tell a similarly structured story - that Taranath kidnapped and bound the zamindar so that he could rape the wife - but which ultimately contradict each other, the motivations and the actual killing being what differ. The woodcutter reveals at Rashomon that he knows more than he let on at the trial, thus bringing into question his own actions. But another discovery at Rashomon and the resulting actions from the discovery bring back into focus the woodcutter's own humanity or lack thereof.

Organiser: Surendra

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