Origami: The Japanese art of paper folding

Saturday 21st December 2019
11 AM

Event Type: Workshop

Duration: 2:00:00

Origami workshop for children aged 8 upwards. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It is the aesthetic expression of a logical and a spatially intelligent mind. It is a mathematically structured art form, essentially turning a 2 dimensional paper into a 3 dimensional form, with a few folds. It is not directly proportional to age. In fact, children with strong logical and spatial abilities develop this innate capacity to learn complex origami from a very young age. It enhances creativity and is a great stress buster, a great way to increase concentration and focus and has a calming influence on people. It can be used to teach abstract geometric concepts. I am interested in conducting origami workshops for children during the Christmas holidays on the theme of Christmas.

Organiser: Kalyani

About Organiser: I am a Visual Art Educator, Artist, Origamist with experience in conducting interesting workshops for different age groups in India and abroad. I am a member of the Origami Oritai Club supported by Japan Foundation, New Delhi. We have had several exhibitions in the past few years. This year we have received the Japanese Foreign Ministry ‘s Commendation Award for our contribution to the promotion of Japanese culture in India. I’m currently the Country Coordinator of the Japan Art Mile Project which is a collaborative mural experience between schools in Japan and India, leading to the mural showcase during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. http://linkedin.com/in/kalyani-voleti-93692118
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 9999792574