O, Womania!

Sunday 15th April 2018
7 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 1:30:00

A clown performance about women's right to pee by JingKieng Jri Theatres, Pune. We have all been summoned by nature's call, every day, multiple times a day. And we answer; go to a safe place, where noone can see us, noone can harrass us, noone can shame us, and we can answer the call in peace. But can you imagine not having that luxury? Not having a bathroom to go to when you want to go? Having to go out on the road, or in the fields, where anyone can walk in on you at any time, where there is flush to wash it away after? Maybe someone else has already gone in the spot that you choose, can you imagine doing your job next to where someone elses is lying, not flushed away? That is what so many people in the villages in India face today. Men and women are faced to answer nature's call out in the open, in the fields, because nobody has built them a bathroom, something we take for granted. This play in very clowny way talks about a common problem faced by Indian women across all the classes, castes, age groups. In this story, one out of four female clowns needs to pee while working out of home making everyone to start finding toilet for her. During their mission toilet hunt they end up wandering around city, end up in embarrassing situations and realize that actually every women in the city is looking for clean safe public toilet but such a natural phenomenon is encircled by taboos, shame, social constrains and filthy male perspective towards them. The story unfolds through songs, choreography and small humorous scenes. The play is collage of scenes faced by women on regular basis and in uncommon situations where urination becomes life and death battle. The irony of commonality of the need and difficulty in fulfilling it makes them laugh on themselves and make them cogitate. The Lord Chamberlain's Men like to spread the word about this problem that is rampant in India, via this play by the group "JingKieng Jri". We believe that to resolve a problem, it is important that the problem is first acknowledged. This is our way of taking that small step towards the resolution of one of the biggest problems in India, a human being's basic right to pee and defecate in a sanitary and private environment, by educating the youth of India about the problem. We hope this cause will spread to all corners of India, resulting in a resolution.

Organiser: The Lord Chamberlain's Men

About Organiser: The Lord Chamberlain's Men is an open experimental theatre company from Hyderabad.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 9948661033