NLP Workshop

Sunday 24th March 2019
5 PM

Event Type: Workshop

Duration: 1:00:00

Through NLP,I have challenged others that they would boost their self-confidence in just 15 minutes, removed their negative belief systems in just 20 minutes,so now I have come up forgetting past painful memories in just 20 minutes.Come and experience this NLP workshop where you would learn one technique in which you learn how to erase your past painful memory.To Experience this,Register soon and contact me for further details.

Organiser: Priya Sekhani

About Organiser: I am a Passionate and Enthusiastic NLP Trainer have done many workshops on NLP in which I have challenged the audience to boost their self-confidence in just 15 minutes.To experience another powerful session of NLP, do register soon and get in touch with me for further details.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 8331931214