Mr Family Man - Tamil standup special by Praveen Kumar

Sunday 05th May 2019
7 PM

Event Type: Stand-Up

Duration: 1:30:00

Being a Superman may be easy.. Being a Spiderman may be simple.. But being a Family Man is the most difficult thing ever.. Solving a problem without any repercussions, taking responsibilities without any pressure and growing a tummy without any worry... A Family Man is what the world needs now.. Come.. lets dive into the life of one such Family man, Praveen Kumar. Mr Family Man is Praveen's fifth standup special and his most personal one yet! The show will be in fully Tamil or fully English - depending on where you live! And of course, in Praveen style, the show is completely clean and is open to the entire family.

Organiser: Evam Standup Tamasha

About Organiser: Evam Standup Tamasha , the standup comedy division of Evam ETD and the biggest standup movement in South India.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 9176075414