Mirza ~ Sahiba - The Epic Tale Of Eternal Love.

Wednesday 01st May 2019
7:30 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 0:50:00

As the brothers closed in on them, both Mirza and Sahiba died a silent death. The tale of Mirza-Sahiba is often regarded as the last love story known from Punjab. The reason for this is that Mirza's true love was betrayed by Sahiba, who broke his arrows.

Organiser: S Venkat Narayana Murthy

About Organiser: Venkat has also performed more than 100 theatre plays in various cities of India which includes Delhi, Mumbai & Hyderabad. His directional venture in Hyderabad with plays like Sangeet Ki Katar which was one of the biggest musicals of the city, Haadsa, Holi, Pagala Ghoda, Chanakya and many more have taken audience through an emotional roller coaster.
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