Max Clouth Clan - Jazz Concert

Saturday 14th December 2019
6:30 PM

Event Type: Music

Duration: 1:15:00

Max Clouth Clan Max Clouth and his Clan play with powerful, sometimes anthemic melodies, cinematic-atmospheric sounds and striking themes. Western and Indian influences merge into a characteristic sound, while the band combines sophisticated structures and pointed improvisations. Drummer Martin Standke is one of the founding members of the clan. Bassist Peter Crighton and keyboardist Georg Boessner join the band on their India tour in 2019. The music ultimately develops organically from the artists’ interactions, that's why everyone’s ideas contribute significantly to the final form of the pieces. Shabashev's Voicings and Effects and Standkes sometimes hot, sometimes cool patterns are a quality in itself, as well as Wach's melodic tone, fine bow play and rhythmics derived from Arabic music. The artists share a vision of creating music wherein the steady process of reorientation draws listeners into spheres of sound/ soundscapes that bridge influences and contexts. From Frankfurt to Mumbai, Indian Rock is combined with a solid jazz foundation. Jazz as interpreted by the Max Clouth Clan is so richly layered and influenced by a multitude of styles it ultimately escapes categorization.

Organiser: Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad

About Organiser: Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad Our cultural activities, always of high quality and relevance, have enabled us to acquire recognition as an established agency within Hyderabad’s cultural and educational landscape. They range from western classical music to art exhibitions, theatre plays, dance performances, and poetry readings, amongst others. We witnessed over 20,000 people attending our nearly 85 events through the year, largest of this being the Hyderabad Literary Festival, World Music Day, Jazz festival, Indian Photography Festival and others. This year marks 15 years of our presence in Hyderabad, we are happy to be counted amongst foremost cultural organizations in the twin cities.
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