Maitri Bodh Paarivar- Bodh 1

Saturday 27th April 2019
4:30 PM

Event Type: Others

Duration: 5:00:00

One of the key offerings from the MaitriBodh Parivaar is an experiential session called Bodh (Awakening to Self Realisation). The process is designed to bring about human transformation by means of teachings, exercises, meditation and ShaktiPravaah, a process of Divine intervention that resolves the confusion and brings clarity to our understanding of life.

Organiser: Maitri Bodh Paarivar

About Organiser: The MaitriBodh Parivaar, as the name suggests, is a family of friends bonded by a common mission to develop, nurture and strengthen the human bond of love and friendship. The MaitriBodh Parivaar functions as a socio-spiritual organisation whose work is aimed at transforming humanity through self-realisation and preparing humanity to enter the new era of universal love and peace. All our initiatives have commenced under the Grace and Guidance of our founder visionary, Divine Friend Dadashreeji. Formerly a medical doctor by profession, he has dedicated his life to propelling us towards the Highest Truth, by bringing in the much needed Transformation.
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Phone no: 9819766372