Indian Music Therapy Association

Saturday 23rd February 2019
9 AM

Event Type: Workshop

Duration: 8:00:00

Music Therapy, as a therapeutic intervention is growing in India. It needs intense efforts from various professionals to create awareness, and implement in various spheres of Holistic health. Conducting one day workshop by IMTA, is a humble attempt to create awareness about various aspects of Music Therapy.

Organiser: Dr Meenakshi Ravi, IMTA Hyderabad Chapter

About Organiser: IMTA Mission: To propogate Music Therapy as a medical intervention in hospitals, hospices and various other areas, where music could be profitably used for the benefit of mankind.To make a professional forum for the working Music Therapists of India so that they can meet at regular intervals to exchange their professional skills and understanding of this nascent subject.Apart from being an interest group the association will also strive in enlarging the research and education of Music Therapy in India.We wish to install Music Therapy as a dependable medical intervention in many hospitals in the country and also introduce the subject of Music in schools and colleges.
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Phone no: 9515124782