Honeymoon - Hindi Play by Manch Theatre

Sunday 29th September 2019
7:30 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 2:00:00

Milan and Tarun are childhood friends. Milan is a Bank employee and married to Sumita. Tarun got a job in a village called Mainagad in North Bengal. After lot of search he got a rented house there whose owner is Sadananda Roy. Mr. Roy clearly told Tarun he would not allow anyone to stay who is unmarried. Naren , the broker, lied to Roy that Tarun is married. Mr. Roy allowed Tarun to stay with a condition that he has to bring his wife within a month. Meanwhile, Milan and Sumita comes to Mainagad to complete their Honeymoon and also to meet Tarun. Whether they will be able to help Tarun and rescue him from the trouble or they will fall into more trouble ? To get the answer you have to see the Play “Honeymoon”, originally written by Debaki Bandyopadhya (in Bengali), Hindi adaptation by Subrata Basak.

Organiser: Manch Theatre

About Organiser: Manch Theatre is a well known theatre group in Hyderabad . They regularly perform different kind of plays in different language like Hindi , English and Telugu. It is established in 2009 by some theatre enthusiasts . Till then it produces numerous plays of different genre like comedy, satire and epic.
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