Happiness Program

Saturday 21st September 2019
5:30 PM

Event Type: Workshop

Duration: 4:00:00

It is a powerful life skills program, specially designed to accelerate all round personal development. Many have got benefited at *NASA, Google, IBM, IIT, IIM, Harvard Business school, Oxford University, Cornell University & many institutions worldwide. Including 155+ countries & 370+ million people. * It is a smooth blend of ancient wisdom, yoga, pranayama (breath control), meditation & Sudarshan Kriya, fused with contemporary intellectual exchange *Program Benefits: * 🙋 Confidence & Leadership 🎨 Creativity & Innovation 💪🏼 Energy & Enthusiasm ⛳ Clarity & Decision Making ⏳ Time Management 💑 Ways to handle relationship with others ✨ Ways to handle challenging situations 👥 Ways to handle peer pressure & stage fright 🛶 Ways to maintain work-life balance.

Organiser: divya rao

About Organiser: Divya and Shrikant are zestful volunteers with the Art of Living organization and practitioner of Yoga and Meditation for over 10 years. They are trained facilitators to teach the Happiness Program. They have been personally benefitted from the Sudarshan Kriya technique to help relieve stress, manage many more things in a day through increased energy and focus, successfully juggling all walks of life from being in leadership positions & maximizing their IT company's revenue multifold, to managing homes, to personal fitness and pursuing their passions. They have been instrumental in executing many Social Service projects under the banner of Project Parivartan
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Phone no: 9388299999