Gopatrudu (A play based on KNY Patanjali's Novel)

Sunday 03rd March 2019
6:30 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 1:20:00

Is the earth really round? What if it is flat? What if all the villagers decide the shape of the earth according to their caste, creed, political affiliations, immediate gains, personal benefits, family feuds? Can the shape of the earth be decided in a fight between two groups? The case goes to the court and the judge questions - Do we really believe in our system, our values, our religion or lack of it? Gopatrudu is a celebrated novel written by KNY Patanjali in 1994. It is a satirical take on present day society, institutions, leaders and values. It is dramatized and directed by Udaya Bhanu Garikipati, and was staged in Tatiparti, East Godavari district in 2009. The play is now being revived by Bhoomika

Organiser: Priyanka (Bhoomika Theatre Group)

About Organiser: Bhoomika is a renowned theater group in Hyderabad established in 1989, headed by Mr Udaya Bhanu Garikapati. We believe that more than entertaining, theatre illuminates, moves, disquiets, disturbs, lifts the spirit, reveals, provokes and violates conventions. It is an ongoing conversation shared with society. Since it's inception, almost 30 years ago, Bhoomika has produced over 50 plays in Telugu and Hindi. The Director Udaya Bhanu Garikipati has been practicing theatre since four decades, his Telugu adaptation of Habib Tanweer’s Charandas Chor, Charanadasu won three Nandi Awards in the year 2000. Facebook Link:
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 7997437923