Monday 11th February 2019
6:30 PM

Event Type: Others

Duration: 3:00:00

This is a program based on the principles of experiential, cognitive and intuitive learning. Cooperative games create an environment for each individual to celebrate herself/himself for who she/he is as well as other team members without judgment. Cooperative Games along with songs and circular dances create a stress free environment where FUN, JOY, SPIRIT are the operative words. The emphasis is on participation and inclusion rather than exclusion that is felt when you either lose a game or are thrown out for some error/mistake of yours. The event is offered on Gift Culture. Manish has over five years of experience in facilitating workshops with diverse age groups. He has converted his penchant for games and dancing into enterprise wide solutions for Employee Engagement and People Development. He has been constantly working with people from all social and professional spheres to chisel out their potential with his unique style of training. With the aim of bringing play back to the lives of people, Manish has designed tools where people collaborate rather than compete. Using these tools, he has coached and mentored people throughout the country. He creates gender neutral safe spaces where people come together with respect for diversity.

Organiser: Hyderabad Trails

About Organiser: Hyderabad Trails is an urban community project in the city of Hyderabad that seeks to engage young people with the heritage, culture and history of the city through heritage walks and learning journeys. The project employs a variety of art forms like music, sketching, storytelling etc. along with events like unconferences, walks, gatherings, jams to inspire participants to connect with the city and the larger issues concerning its citizens.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 9393633939