"ChilLit" - A Children's Exclusive Literary & Cultural Club - Monthly Meet

Sunday 26th May 2019
10 AM

Event Type: MeetUp

Duration: 3:00:00

<Open For All> LICH presents "ChilLit" - A Children's Exclusive Literary and Cultural Club for youngsters between ages 11-17(Secondary School-classes VI-XII) Session Format: Fifteen Minutes : Quick Introductions - One Hour : Facilitated activities - One Hour : Member driven activities - Half Hour : Fun activities - Fifteen Minutes : Future Prep - Meetup Link : https://www.meetup.com/LICH-HYD/events/rkdppqyzhbzb/ Please RSVP to ensure a spot and be there on time, so as to not disturb the flow of the meet. Looking forward to see you there... www.chillit.in

Organiser: Keku

About Organiser: Founder & Organiser LICH(Literary, Intellectual & Cultural Hub, Hyderabad)
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 8333823000