Saturday 02nd May 2020
6 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 2:00:00

Charanadasu An adaptation of Habib Tanvir’s Charan Das Chor, adapted in Telugu and Directed by Udaya Bhanu Garikipati, . The play by Bhoomika won 3 Nandi awards in 1998 as second best play, and for its Music and Direction. The play was performed in many places in AP. It is being revived by Bhoomika Theatre Group again in 2020. Based on a folk tale about a thief, who is honest and truthful, bound by the promise given to his guru.

Organiser: Priyanka (Bhoomika Theatre Group)

About Organiser: Bhoomika Theatre Group believes that, “more than entertainment, theatre illuminates, moves, disquiets, disturbs, lifts the spirit, reveals, provokes and violates conventions.” Our efforts are an ongoing conversation with the society since 1989. It has been a search for new grammar suiting the needs of the ever changing society and to retain the relevance and the need of theatre to the society.
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