Beat Stage Fear: Storytelling Workshop (Create & Narrate)

Sunday 06th January 2019
3 PM

Event Type: Workshop

Duration: 3:30:00

Beat Stage Fear. Create your own story and tell it like a boss! WHAT WILL BE COVERED IN THIS WORKSHOP: 1. How to create stories on the fly (make it up while you are narrating it) 2. How to deal with Stage Fear 3. Techniques to narrate the story you created effectively and in an engaging manner 4. Effective communication in daily conversations First Half - you will learn to create your own story <15 Minute Break> Second Half - you will learn to effectively narrate this story using various techniques. TALE TELLERS TROUPE INDIA'S storytelling workshop provides students with an encouraging, constructive environment in which to practice storytelling techniques. Exercises in class focus on classic story structuring, building suspense, eliciting emotion, recreating drama, digging deeper into a story’s meaning, and using your voice and body to add levels to your listeners’ experience, so that your story stays with them. The class size will be limited to allow maximum individual attention and storytelling practice time for each student in each class session Expect to challenge yourself, participate actively and have a lot of fun and laughs along the way. This is the first step towards being a POWERFUL ORATOR and a LEADER in life! Entry Fee: Rs.1000 PAYTM 250 to mobile number 7680993179 to book your slot. Remaining you can pay on the day of the event. (Please message your full name to the same number once you are done with the payment) You can also book it on BookMyShow Participants are requested to please fill in details in this short form

Organiser: Tale Tellers Troupe India (Storytelling Club)

About Organiser: Santosh Mohan Veeranki is a Indian born British Aerospace Engineer turned storyteller. He is also founder of Tale Tellers Troupe India (, the second biggest storytelling club in India which is working towards the mission of eradicating India of Stage Fear by 2026 #IndiaWithoutStageFear
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 7680993179