Artifice - A play

Sunday 31st May 2020
7:30 PM

Event Type: Play

Duration: 1:30:00

‘Artifice’ is an original, dark satirical play written and directed by Amaan Ahmad. Set in a contemporary world, Artifice is about a struggling 'Artist' who goes through numerous ordeals to have his work recognized in a world infested by pseudo-artists. He meets his neighbor who is extremely self-satisfied, narcissistic and belongs to the pseudo-community. Believing herself to the best poet of the century, the neighbor thrives on creating mediocre content bordering on clichés and ultimately gets awarded for it. The play juxtaposes real art with second-rate, widely accepted work of clichés, highlighting the dark and despondent situations faced by these struggling artists, incarcerated in a phony domain of 'powerful nobodies'. We see the appearance of the ‘Postman’ as a painful reminder of the dark reality masked in black humor. Finally, one day, the Artist receives a letter inviting him to exhibit his artworks. Watch the play to live through a multitude of episodes that circle the Artist’s reality.

Organiser: Krishna Soni

About Organiser: The Unknown Pen is a theatre group based in Hyderabad. We are the first theatre group in the city that works majorly on Original plays that belong to the genre of 'Theatre of the Absurd'. The first play produced by The Unknown Pen is called 'Skepticism', a dark psychological play that involves the elements of Surrealism, Existentialism, and Absurdism. Our vision is to revive the theatre culture across the country. Our plays are known for the depth of their content. We aim to stir the minds of the people in terms of philosophy and art. We have staged 5 original plays which are - 'Skepticism', 'Ek Tamasha', 'TM POTLE', 'Badlav' and 'Varinchina Vasthavam'
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Phone no: 09701712406