Annual Day of "Ragaswaroopini " - The music school

Sunday 11th November 2018
5 PM

Event Type: Music

Duration: 3:30:00

Carnatic music recital of the students of the music school " Ragaswaroopini", headed by Smt. Deepa Ramesh , followed by a Bharatanatyam dance programme

Organiser: Deepa Ramesh

About Organiser: Mrs. Deepa Ramesh, hailing from TamilNadu, and an M.A graduate, started her journey in carnatic music as a student from the tender age of 12 years and have been tutored ever since , in the field by her prestigious Gurus. She started teaching carnatic music in the year 2008, and has been moulding students since then. She is now heading a music school , "Ragaswaroopini", for which, the Annual Day has been conducted every year to encourage the students, and also to introduce them to the platform of performances.They are trained to appear for the certificate Exam in carnatic music, conducted by the " Telugu University".
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