Adhbhuta: The Festival of Learning

Tuesday 13th November 2018
9 AM

Event Type: Workshop

Duration: 7:00:00

Adhbhuta: is a festival of learning for learners, teachers and schools. Adhbhuta: is a platform to restructure how we teach and learn. Adhbhuta: is a celebration of indigenous learning systems involving traditional art forms, cultural practices and various disciplines. Adhbhuta: is a learning process of integrating our cultural and contemporary learning systems. The festival bridges gaps between schooling and learning. 500 children will be engaged at the venue between 9am to 4pm through workshops. Dates: Nov 13-17

Organiser: Ajahn Education Foundation

About Organiser: Ajahn Education Foundation is partnering with Children’s Film Society, Telangana for the endeavor. The CFS, Hyderabad ( organizes International Film festivals for childrenAjahn Center for Pedagogy(www, conducts research relevant to transformation in pedagogic practice and reconceptualization of school and classroom culture.
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Phone no: 8897541237