Abhivyakti - Talent showcase for children with special needs

Saturday 24th March 2018
3 PM

Event Type: Dance

Duration: 4:30:00

Abhivyakti is a talent showcase for children with special needs across Hyderabad. Through this event we provide a platform for parents to encourage their child and demonstrate their skills, be it through the medium of dance, music, painting, gardening, cooking, etc. We had conducted this event last year where 400 parents participated and over 50 children performed.

Organiser: Nayi Disha

About Organiser: Nayi Disha Resource Centre is an online information resource platform that supports families of persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). We are a group of individuals who deeply care for the cause of IDD and have come together to form Nayi Disha. The founding team includes parents and siblings of individuals with IDD, who understand the challenges and needs faced by other similar families. We believe that equipping such families with relevant information will improve their care-giving abilities, expand the list of care/ education/ therapy options available, and empower them to become stronger advocates for their wards.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 9052230004